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understanding Armanees

Armanees are fans / a production brand of art created by Arman Arman and aimed to increase the culture of Indonesia. Production armanees art can be a result of a wallpaper (display), songs, video and science armanees sastra.Selain it also produced a handwritten comic and doctrine-the doctrine of the theory of Arman jhen charles and religious theories, sympathy, suggestions, inspiration, innovation and science education reveals an accomplice in the country's Jewish (Indonesia). Armanees a new term in life and one Hidden Products and secret special just for Arman.Maksudnya is arman The product was only set up, implement, Running, And His work was published without the intervention of others danKelompok And one of the art products and hidden secrets World. The establishment Armanees is March 10, 2012 with a lot of art that is supported by the sophistication of the day time, especially with Hanphone.Armanees only managed to publish his works to the virtual world such as Youtube, Blogs, and certain accounts. The songs that are in production and in creating Arman Armanees jc is song and song of Islamic Religious Nationalism Indonesia such as bamboo spears and vengeance ALTHOUGH THE DEFENDERS ISLAM.Kedua song is art that gave birth to a new color for the World Music Album Where Armanees Indonesia produces Lots songs religion and nationalism, It was created by Arman in To Make Money not millions and billions of dollars but the song as a motivation for Muslims and the Indonesian people are not afraid to solve crimes on earth. But his songs are not well known in her neighborhood and at school but in other places, other countries, other schools, or in areas far from the place a bit strange and Arman Produksinya.Sehingga jhen Charles was dubbed a celebrity in the Mysterious and hidden in the World. In addition Armanees is creator [ta toys World's First Film (Armanees to eart) and many more videos or work on Yotube armanees, If you want to see it just look in the living youtube, Arman Mega 84 is a proper name Untu mencaridan Tracing Armanees videos work, Armanees really do not like songs that can conjure up and make a child and teenager to an adult so cepat.Karena The lyrics of songs that contain elements of pornography, Influence, Invitor, and suggestions that could improve the Crime and Pornography in Indonesia, then jc of Arman's creating songs about the State and Islam to motivate people to become a brave nation and continue to improve Da'wah Jihad in Indonesia. percitaan songs that contain elements of sex and porn like love one night, and AW Keong poison .. AW .. Because that's misleading suggestion that the Jews and destroy Islam in his country (Indonesia). Armanees did not like wallpapers, cell phone wallpapers like Rastamania, Punk, Porn pictures, and a negative influence because that is tantamount Supporting Actions misguided doctrine and irregularities Crime Crime Narcotics and Psychotropic drugs in Indonesia as well as the suggestion that Jewish Islamic people do a lot of crime offenses in the Criminal Criminal swt.Untuk God forbid that Arman jc as a suggestion to create wallpapers Armanees Admitted To him she did not go into the world-wallpaper Wallpaper Black and motivation for the Islamic State of Indonesia, and wallpaper humor. But believe me the vision and mission, although you not know (the secret to me and God only knows) is Untu goodness and the name of the nation in the eyes of the world in the form of suggestions, Innovation, sympathy and Inspir

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